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Our office, through distinguished elite of experienced legal advisors and lawyers in various field of legal work, review all documents, and provide legal advice and necessary directives to protect the legal status of our clients, so as to guarantee and maintain its legal rights and to reduce the risk margin to a minimum.

This is based on long experience in legal work and through federal and local laws and legislation applicable within the United Arab Emirates and all emirates according to the latest updates and modifications, along with fully aware of work systems of court, before which the disputes in all levels and competencies are being considered.

Our legal team works on providing support to their clients on a 24 – hour basis regarding the legal and judicial work, all types of the cases related to application of labor, commercial, criminal or civil laws, in addition to family cases and personal status or real estate cases or commercial arbitration.

Moreover, our team has negotiation skills and fined amicable solutions to settle the disputes before recourse to courts.

We also have specialized expertise in dealing with police stations, prosecutors, prison sectors and administrative and government authorities on registration of companies and trademarks, etc.

All those experiences and skills we allocated to maximum protection for the rights our clients with highest level of professionalism and speed in performance.

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We provide you an excellent legal services with high quality and proficiency

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Our mission is to provide individuals and businesses with the legal help which makes a strong positive impact on them. We have managed to get the desired  results in every case.
AED 46,000,000

Case Study 1

For both Ariana and Asma it was critical that their respective business plans get accepted. While Araina was trying to win the investors for her start up, Asma wanted her much awaited promotion from the board of directors. While Ariana did crack the deal,sadly Asma didn’t.         

AED 65,002,000

Case Study 2

Ahmed Al Ali Advocates and Legal Consultants r enhanced its corporate and M&A offering with the hire of Matthew Donovan from DWF in 2019. The firm’s diverse client base includes family businesses, government-owned entities and international companies. 

AED 58,040,000

Case Study 3

There was a new Companies Law in 2015, a Bankruptcy Law in 2016, tax laws in 2017, and a Federal Arbitration Law and Foreign Direct Investment Law in 2018. In addition to that, Federal law No. 18 of 2017 amended the Companies Law.

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Our consultantsare experienced professionals with qualifications obtained from various jurisdictions. Their training enables them to providehigh standards of advice and legal opinions on each case.We aim to simplify legal procedures through efficient and dependable services.


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We have a satisfied clientele, who came with us with aggravating problems and received helpful advice and promising results.

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We work collaboratively, sharegoals,hold ourselves and each other accountable, and celebrate success by valuing and recognizing each employee ’s contribution

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